Broadcloud Hosted PBX

Broadcloud Cloud PBX Benefits

Broadcloud Cloud PBX is full of features that help to make it easy for you and your sta to manage calls. Employees can easily keep in touch with everyone they need to regardless of their location, whether they are in the o ce, working remotely or on the road.

Productivity, Control, & Flexibility

With Broadcloud Cloud PBX you gain the following:

  • Productivity - The latest communication and collaboration features helps dramatically improve productivity, as users gain tools which are easy to integrate, and easy to use.
  • Control - With intuitve management features you can control how you interact with customers and co-workers, which helps users manage their daily workload
  • Flexibility - More flexible to scale with the needs of your workforce, whatever their requirements, wherever they are.

Realistic & Achievable Cost Savings

With Broadcloud Cloud PBX you can eliminate the following:

  • Expensive capital purchases - There's no need to purchase costly equipment such as an IP private branch exchange. Typically full payback is achieved in 12-18 months.
  • Recurring maintenance charges - Maintainence is the providers responsibility. Your organisation reaps the rewards of hassle-free communications and more effective resourcing for IT teams.
  • Additional running costs - e.g. moves, adds, changes, & upgrades - much more flexibility to scale with the demands of your workforce, and cost savings from remote and travelling staff.
Typically, the 3 year TCO of a Hosted PBX is 30% lower than a premise based solution.

All taken care of by us, the Broadcloud Cloud PBX PBX provider.

Our flexible model helps you control and predict your costs. Which is a good news for both the IT team and the finance director

We are responsible for keeping your service running smoothly, immediately saving you time and money to focus on your core business needs and requirements.

You spend less time managing equipment and telephone systems, and more time to start managing your business.