Hosted PBX use case #1: Moving Premises

Broadcloud Hosted PBXIf you’re moving office there are a lot of questions to answer:

  • Can you keep the previous numbers?
  • What network infrastructure do you need? Who is going to install it?
  • How will the old system be reconfigured for a new location?
  • Is it worth moving the old PBX system or is this a new opportunity to upgrade?
Moving to a Hosted PBX solution like Broadcloud means you don’t have to manage the installation and switchover of all your existing telephone lines. You can keep your existing numbers and port them to a SIP provider (regardless of where you’re moving) making your move simple and painless.

Alongside the other benefits you get from moving to Hosted PBX, Broadcloud uses exactly the same networking infrastructure as your office Internet or cloud network – which means a lot less hassle to get you connected and communicating. We can even help set up the network infrastructure for you!

If your business is relocating, expanding, opening new offices or has multiple locations distributed across the globe, you can add phones and phone numbers as you need. A Hosted PBX makes it easy to add 1 or 100 emplyees and is infinitely configurable for expansion and relocation.

Hosted PBX use case #2: Increasing Flexibility

Broadcloud Hosted PBXA Broadcloud Cloud PBX system simplifies your telecommunications by moving the on-site PBX phone system into the cloud. Your employees in the office and those working remote will share the same features and capabilities of a powerful feature-rich phone system regardless of where they are located. Additionally, remote employees can use a mobile app that allows them to remain connected to the organisation's phone system. Essentially, every employee is free to use any device: desk phone, smartphone, or tablet (with a mobile app), or even their personal computer with the Softphone application, as long as they have an Internet connection.

With more and more employees now demanding flexibility, switching to a Broadcloud Cloud PBX allows your remote workforce to have full-featured business desk phones. The system come equipped with features like audio conferencing and video web meetings, so remote employees are better connected with co-workers back at the office and vice versa. Furthermore, this allows any employee to quickly set up audio conferences or web meetings with the right team members at the right time.

Hosted PBX use case #3: Reduce Telephony Costs

Broadcloud Hosted PBXCurbing costs is the standard use case for Broadcloud Cloud PBX, resulting in savings of approximately 20% to 30%. Enterprises usually switch to Hosted PBX as a cost-savings measure for two reasons. First is a specific need to cut telephony costs, especially as free or near-free services like Skype for Business become more prevalent in the enterprise. Second would be a broader mandate from management to reduce operational costs.

Moving to Broadcloud Cloud PBX will address these objectives right away, but also moving forward in the longer term. Businesses will realize immediate savings for the service itself, as the monthly line rate will be less than traditional PBX, and many enhanced features incurring additional charges with standard telephony are included free with Broadcloud Cloud PBX. The first immediate saving can be identified in Furthermore, with VoIP, domestic long-distance calls would essentially cost nothing and international calls will certainly be less.

Economically, this adds up to bottom line savings, but that must be contrasted with the overall cost of migration to VoIP. On the plus side, notable cost reductions exist with network convergence, where telephony traffic shifts from the dedicated voice network to the data network. Migration to VoIP also has the potential for hardware savings, as the cost of IP-based phone systems and handsets will be less than continuing with legacy systems.